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School Packages

We offer a wide range of teaching here at Decote and we are lucky enough to have some amazing schools who we regularly work with delivering dance for their students.

See below our package options for your school!

For more information, please email

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Lunchtime/ Afterschool Clubs

Students can have a 1 hour Decote Dance Class right from your school! They have the option to decide the dance style they work on for the term and work towards a dance piece developing strength coordination and creativity. Staff and parents are welcome to watch at the end of each block of sessions.

Prices: Parents/Guardians pay £24 for 6 weeks worth of classes and pay directly to Decote Dance. This can alternate in year groups each term so everyone can have a try!

Dance in PE

We work regularly with schools to help teach dance as a part of PE Lessons. Our staff can deliver a half terms worth of lessons to all year groups PE sessions. Lessons will focus on developing student’s strength, coordination, creativity, and team work whilst linking to core curriculum. 

Dance Festivals

This is an event that takes place every year in North Tyneside. It is an opportunity for all schools in the area to create and perform a dance piece to a full theatre audience held at venues such as Whitley Bay Playhouse and The Parks Leisure Centre in North Shields. Decote Dance are often asked to work with year groups in various schools to create pieces for this event.

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